Local Firefighters Dispatched to Buffalo Area to Help In Snow Storm. November 18, 2014

Salisbury, N.Y. — Firefighters from Herkimer and Oneida Counties are helping areas of western New York after a storm dumped more than 4 feet of snow and caused the death of four people. Erie County officials say one person was killed in an automobile accident and three others had heart attacks, including two believed to be shoveling snow at the time. Crews have been trying to reach about 150 stranded cars, trucks and buses on a four-mile section of highway near Buffalo. Some motorists have been stuck for nearly 24 hours. Crews from the Utica region are also helping out. In Herkimer County, Old Forge, Newport, Cedarville and Salisbury fire departments were dispatched to Erie County. In Oneida County crews were sent from Woodgate, Trenton and Westmoreland. The National Weather Service warns that the snow, generated by cold air blowing over the warmer Great Lakes, will continue through Wednesday and could eventually total 6 feet in places. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has deployed 150 members of the National Guard to help clear snow-clogged roads and remove abandoned vehicles (WKTV News channel 2).

Owego Fire Captains Funeral Service. January 27, 2013

Salisbury, N.Y. — Members of the Salisbury Vol. Fire Dept. traveled to Owego, NY to attend the funeral services for their fallen brother Capt. Matthew Porcari on Sunday, January 27, 2013. The 34 year-old Owego Fire Department Captain died Monday, January 21, 2013 while on a mutual aid fire in Newark Valley where he fell through the first floor of a burning home (Captain/PIO Chris Moser, Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department, 2013).

West Webster Firemans Memorial Service. December 30, 2012

Salisbury, N.Y. — Seven members of the Salisbury Fire Dept. along with members of Dolgeville, Frankfort and Ilion Fire Departments traveled to West Webster, NY on Saturday, December 29, 2012 to pay their respects to the two firefighters killed in the line of duty on Christmas Eve (Captain/PIO Chris Moser, Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department, 2012).

Injured snowmobiler walks 10 miles for help. February 28, 2012

Salisbury, N.Y. — An injured man walked for miles and spent a night alone in the woods after crashing his snowmobile into a tree on trail C4F. The Poland man, who was identified by state police as 51-year-old James J. Sweet, of Newport Road, was found early Monday morning by a town of Salisbury resident. According to Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department Chief David Scheuerman, Sweet arrived at the door step of a Jerseyfield Road home. “When the residents opened the door, he fell in,” said Scheuerman, adding the department received a call that Sweet was at the residence at 8:26 a.m. Upon arrival at 8:34 a.m., Scheuerman said authorities found Sweet in a state of delusion. Sweet was found with alcohol and seemed to think he was lost in a desert, Scheuerman said. Scheuerman said Sweet was disoriented kept saying “No more dogs. No more dogs. When EMTs approached Sweet they saw he had a few cuts on his face and some abrasions on his body, but no major blood loss. The cuts, said Scheuerman, were probably caused from thorns or shrubs. Sweet was also soaking wet and suffering from hypothermia, a minor head injury and a possible knee injury, said Scheuerman. Paramedics used hot packs to warm Sweet up, loaded him on to a stretcher and splinted his knee. Due to the possible severity of his head injury, an ambulance drove Sweet to a helicopter that landed in an open filed across from the Salisbury Ridgerunners clubhouse. The helicopter transported Sweet to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica. Scheuerman said a missing person’s report was filed for Sweet Sunday night. According to Chris Moser, Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department information officer, “The last time the man was seen he was at the Salisbury Ridgerunners asking for directions.” It’s thought Sweet was heading home, went the wrong way and got lost several miles from the marked trail, said Moser. The area where Sweet had been lost was searched for any clues as to what happened. According to Scheuerman, Sweet hit a tree with his snowmobile, backed up, then fell into a water filled ravine. There was no sign of blood found at the scene. Sweet then walked at least 10 miles until he found civilization. Some dog tracks were found, but authorities were unsure if the tracks were recent. At 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon, Scheuerman received word Sweet was stable at St. Elizabeth Medical Center (By Nichole Grant, Little Falls Eveing Times, 2012).

Emmonsburg Road Chimney Fire. March 14, 2012

Salisbury, N.Y. — Salisbury Firefighters were dispatched at 2:45 am Wednesday, March 14, 2012 to the report of at structure fire located at 371 Emmonsburg Road.  Upon arrival at 2:47 am firefighters found that there was fire in the chimney of the home, which had extended to the exterior of the building.  The fire was extinguished and confined to a small area.  Salisbury firefighters secured the scene and were back in service at 4:15 am.  The Dolgeville Fire Department was dispatched and responded to stand by at the Salisbury Station.